Product Description* 

Copper Dog is an award winning whisky from the heart of Speyside, Scotland. Our liquid is a unique blend of no fewer than eight single malt whiskies, slowly married together in old oak casks. It’s a smooth Scotch, with ripe fruit aromas, and a delicate, spicy finish. Crisp apple to zesty citrus, dried fruit and vanilla. Craftily combined together resulting in a whisky that’s simple enough to be approachable, but complex enough to keep up with the conversation.

Formulated from a blend of 8 Speyside malts, it takes its name from the instrument distillery workers in pasts times who would liberate the whisky from cask while their bosses were not watching. They would smuggle it out elicited, down their trouser leg.

Always by his side, a man’s best friend.

Copper dog gained 2 gold stars at San Francisco Spirits Awards. The world famous artist Hugo Guinness designed the bottle. 

Personalise your dog with over 20 different designs and customise your bottle to look like your best friend: Copper Dog Personalisation 

*Shipping exclusive to the UK

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